Mark + Neera {Engagement Session}

Mark + Neera {Engagement Session}


The creative team of Eight Productions is back in Davao City and there will always be that familiar feeling of comfort when shooting in your home town. It is also advantageous for the team because we are already aware of the best locations and impeccable sources of light. Mark and Neera, our lovely couple during the engagement session, only had one question while the shoot was ongoing, and it was to smile or not, the question was very valid and common to every shoot but our creative efforts not just make them do it but let them do it naturally and genuinely. Mark and Neera gave all the confidence and trust to us to exert our own creative attempts and the whole day went great.

During one of the breaks, we were conversing with the couple and asked them how did they discover Eight Productions, the soon to be Bride answered that it was just a random search on Google and after seeing our portfolio in our site they instantly got impressed and made the decision of whole heartedly choosing us. We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Mark and Neera for making us your one and only choice! Now here are their photographs from their classical themed engagement session.

View in HD.

Location: The White House, Davao
Make-up Artist: Wyndell Samuya
Styling: Swan Lake Events

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