King + Tere – the “wow” wedding photos

King + Tere – the “wow” wedding photos

Much has already been said for this ultimate “wow” wedding. If you just tuned in now and would love to read the complete blog post, click HERE. To add justification to just how great it was, here are the pictures of the marvelous moments that occurred during the  wedding that left everyone in awe =)

1-copy 2-copy 3-copy 2a-copy4-copy 5-copy 7-copy7a-copy8-copy  9-copy 910-copy919-copy  912-copy 913-copy914-copy915-copy 916-copy 917-copy918-copy 919-copy 920-copy 922-copy 921-copy922-copy 923-copy 924-copy 924a-copy924b-copy 924c-copy 924d-copy 925-copy926-copy 927-copy 928-copy 929-copy 930-copy931-copy 932-copy 933-copy 934-copy 935-copy936-copy937-copy 939-copy  940-copy 941-copy941a-copy 942-copy943-copy 945-copy 947a-copy 946-copy  947-copy 948-copy 949-copy950-copy951-copy 952-copy 953-copy 954-copy 955-copy956-copy957-copy  959-copy 958-copy961-copy960-copy 962-copy 964-copy965-copy  967-copy 966-copy 968-copy968a-copy 969-copy 970-copy 971-copy 972-copy 973-copy974-copy 979 980

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    • SONNY
    • November 20, 2012
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      • eightproductions
      • November 22, 2012
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      Thanks sonny! glad you could drop by!

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