JM + Sherill {Onsite Video}

JM + Sherill {Onsite Video}

Today, we share the Wedding Day of JM and Sherill. The sun was bright and the sky was vivid enough to cast some color on our mood. Upon our arrival at the wedding preparations, it was clear that the Bride cannot contain her excitement because it was felt all over the room, and even her family members were excited and ecstatic on what is about to transpire for the whole day. On the other side of the Hotel, our groom was entirely calm and there was also a soothing guitar session among his friends, but one can also see the anticipation in him as he looks over the window and patiently wait for the time. The whole wedding preparation went smoothly and no one was even pressured about the time, everyone took their time slowly as they leave the hotel.

The Wedding Ceremony started with everyone being greeted by a solemn melody from the String Quartet, it did set the entire mood for the ceremony. The church doors opened and the lovely Bride to walk down the aisle, everyone watched closely and with tears of joy. And at the end of the wedding rites, the couple finally had to share their first official kiss.

The Wedding Reception was an intimate set-up, it was a Wedding intended for people who are really close to the couple and loved ones who are behind the love story of the couple. Everyone had their share of own laughter and merriment while sharing speeches and messages for the couple. It was a great night for JM and Sherill as everyone danced away as the night slowly ends.

To JM and Sherill, thank you for having us! The Jack Daniel’s that you gave us was really perfect for the holidays! Cheers!

Enjoy this onsite video and feel the love in HIGH DEFINITION! =)


Davao Wedding Details:
Preparation: Marco Polo Davao Hotel
Church: Sta Ana Parish
Reception: Davao Convention (Davcon)
Make-up: Otoi Mercado
Host: Don Gonzales
Coordinator / Decorator: Floral Pink Designs (FPD)
Photographer: Lito Sy
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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