Jeff + Phoebe {Opening Billboard}

Jeff + Phoebe {Opening Billboard}

Everyone is elated on the special day of Jeff and Phoebe, especially their love ones who came from different parts of the world. You can really say that the lovely couple is walking on cloud nine because of the excitement and happiness that they are feeling even from the first minute we stepped on their preparation rooms.

We really love the attitude of the couple for being so approachable and they were really doing all of our suggestions that will make their shoot ecstatically amazing. Aside from the couple, their entire entourage was really cool and friendly. We were just goofing around with them the whole time and it made us more comfortable to make wonderful photos as the day went smoothly.

Here’s Jeff and Phoebe’s ecstatic Onsite Photo AVP!


View only in HD

Davao Wedding Details:

Preparation: Marco Polo Hotel
Ceremony: Sta Ana Parish
Reception: Davao Convention Center (Davcon)

Make-up: Jandy Lopez
Gown: Jerrick Macasocol
Decorations: Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Coordinator: Korine Navarro
Host: Don Gonzales
Progetto Effects: Darwin Lacap
Cake: iBake Davao
Photobooth: The Booth
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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