Jack + Jacel {Onsite Video}

Jack + Jacel {Onsite Video}

Throughout the years of our creative career, we have always been given the privilege and honor to cover the most breathtaking weddings. Today’s wedding is interestingly distinct compared to any Eight Productions Wedding and in fact guests who are present are familiar faces who have last names that are on the A-list. So what made this particular wedding extra special? The experience was exceptionally distinct because it was a colorful celebration of cultures from people of the Philippines and guests from Israel. Lastly, let us not forget that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte of the Republic of the Philippines was present during this lovely wedding.

The day was perfect during Jack and Jacel’s Wedding. Everyone had their own special moments for the entire day and certainly their festive mood was evident in our photographs, it was a day with no moment of boredom and monotony. We could not even imagine how people with that such stature in the society could be so modest and have very supportive family members filled with love. And also, let us just share a proud moment for us, during the Wedding Reception, some guests from Israel asked the team of Eight Productions on how we could show our audio visual presentations of wedding photographs and videos from that day so hastily and in the most graceful manner. Definitely, that was a tap in the shoulder moment.

We graciously thank the couple, Jack and Jacel for this exceptional experience and for trusting the creative forces of Eight Productions in making your wedding day extra special.

Now here we are excited to show the world their on-site wedding video.

For Photographers following our blog: Here is a little side note about our experience shooting a wedding with the President of the Philippines as a guest. During the suppliers meeting we were told that the president and other VIPs would be in this intimate wedding, obviously we were excited about the experience. But we did not see some certain unfavorable protocols that can be an impediment to our creative flow, one example would be the background check, the camera and equipment security check is more complicated and time consuming than the usual and even the limited number of personnel who could only shoot inside the ceremony. Gladly we made the adjustments before the wedding and had everything covered. So here are some tips:

1. Be Early
2. Every member of the team should have their valid IDs
3. Keep in mind that there are only limited photographers and videographers who are allowed to shoot in the surroundings of the venue.

Lastly, always shoot with a smile!

Davao Wedding Suppliers
Location: Marco Polo Hotel Davao
Decoration and Coordination: Floral Pink Design (FPD)
Host: Don Gonzales
Cake: Osvaldo’s
Photobooth: The Booth
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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