Golden + Lealiz {Onsite Video}

Golden + Lealiz {Onsite Video}

The Davao Wedding of Golden and Lealiz was well planned out from the minute and the most intricate details, as well as the suppliers they have selected. They have chosen only a few suppliers but the once who are well experienced in the scene. Since we did not have any pre-wedding shoot, we really didn’t know the couple that much so going to our 9am call time at the Marco Polo Hotel we thought it would be a regular wedding, but when we started shooting we realize that the couple were naturally great and the bride had that certain special look. The spark of a great day started with our shooting pace on high and gave the team a great momentum that did not give us any problem at all for the rest of the day. The couple surely gave us a blast!!!

Thank you for having us Golden and Lealiz! Cheers!

Davao Wedding Suppliers:
Host: Don Gonzales
Make-up: Otoi Mercado
Decorations: Golden Touch
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Enjoy the Davao Onsite Video in HD!

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