Hafid + Sang {Same-Day-Edit Video}

Hafid + Sang {Same-Day-Edit Video}

The entire day was unique, calm, and cool. Everything and everyone were in perfect place. Hafid and Sang’s taste and flavor were really shown into the whole duration of their wonderful union. This is the first time that we were able to witness a tattoo sessions on a wedding day.

This is where the people of arts and music also united as one to support Hafid and Sang on their very special day.
Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Hafid and Sang’s “Better Together” Onsite Video…



Mati Wedding Suppliers:
Location: Dahican Surf Resort
Preparation: Sibala beach park
Make-up bride: Jean Ong
Gown: Bernadith Saito
Invitation: Janbo Lim
Coordinator: Noel Tanza
Decorator: Golden Touch
Engagement Ring: Allison
Rings: Jeremiah Juson
Give aways: Kublai Millan
Bridal car: Honda City Club Davao
Catering: Lyndons
Cake: Tweeny Campos
Host: Dr. Rovic Cuasito
Dessert Station: Tweeny Campos
Mati Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Mati Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Special mention: Thank you Gabby Sibala, Mariphil Children’s Village, Gab Escovilla, Universe for the weather.

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