Dennis + Barbie {Pre Wedding Photos}

Dennis + Barbie {Pre Wedding Photos}

Let us start with a short introduction regarding what has really transpired before the engagement session. Dennis and Barbie wholeheartedly chose Eight Productions to be their Wedding Photographer. Usually, prior to the engagement session we have been sharing and giving ideas to our previous couples to help them on how their session will go and also to lessen their stress. But in this engagement session, the couple just informed us the date of the shoot without even having a talk regarding what will happen and both of our schedules are so busy during those times to even set a meeting prior the shoot. Despite everything, we just got to do what we need to do; in fact our experience and talent throughout the years has always made us prepared and adaptable to any shortcomings. Luckily, the location that they have chosen is astounding already and it is also our first time to be shooting in this place. Dennis and Barbie are genuinely extra satisfied with the outcome of the engagement session and they even gave an earnest speech of gratitude to our team which reminded us that our passion can touch lives.

Experience their love by clickin’ on the play button!

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