Carlo + Jen {Onsite Photos}

Carlo + Jen {Onsite Photos}

Having used to shoot wedding preparations in luxurious hotels where the floors are carpeted, the walls are textured, and the windows are from floor to ceiling, it was hard upon arriving at Salome’s Garden where it had that “home like” feel but don’t get us wrong because it’s a great place with lot of characters in it. Still it was a challenge for us to shoot there because it wasn’t our comfort zone. It took a while to study the place, get to know the light, made a few tweaks in our editing, and some time to build that momentum. After a few clicks, a few lighting modifications, a few breather moments, we have mastered the place. We knew where to place the subject and how to light them quick, we even had a better wedding shooting experience since one of the rooms felt like Christmas. The ceremony and reception venue were few steps from each other and we have use it right away to be our great backdrop. It actually felt like we were shooting in a different city.

We had a great experience and new learning on how to shift our mindsets and make the best of what we have. But let us cut this here for you guys to appreciate the onsite wedding photos. Make sure to stay tuned for Carlo and Jen’s Engagement Photos, Engagement Video, and Onsite Video.

Here’s Carlo and Jen’s Onsite Wedding Photo AVP…

View only in Full HD!


Preparation: Salome’s Garden by Chippens
Ceremony: Salome’s Garden by Chippens
Reception: Salome’s Garden by Chippens

Make-up bride: Otoi Mercado
Make-up entourage: Wyndell Samuya
Gown: John Belandres
Shoes: Call It Spring
Grooms suit: Express
Shoes: Cole Haan
Invitation: FTL Abreeza
Coordinator: Korine Navarro
Decorator: Noel Tanza
Engagement Ring: Jared
Rings: Martin’s
Catering: Chippens
Cake: Sweet Heaven by Maya Verga
Host: Brandy Fuentes
Dessert Station: Chippens
Photobooth: The Booth
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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