Billboard Shoot for Bottoms Up Mobile Bar

Billboard Shoot for Bottoms Up Mobile Bar

iphone photo
bottom up davao billboard iphone6

We at Eight Productions can be versatile in our Photography, not only that we can provide great work on our Wedding Photography but our team can also do Commercial Photography. Eight Productions proudly present our recent commercial work on a 40 Feet Billboard which can be seen all throughout Metro Davao! A single image that was created under 2 days of conceptualization, 4 hours of shooting in the studio which includes all the setting up and preparation, and the dreaded 3 days of post-processing the whole image. Our Chief Photography Editor in Eight Productions, take pride in achieving near to perfection editing to provide impeccable quality of photographs to our audiences. It was momentous for Eight Productions to have a great creative collaborative effort among our passionate artists.

iphone photo
davao billboard sketch

Here is a slightly messy sketch during our conceptualization process of the shoot. Our client, Bottoms Up, wanted to display in a single image that their Mobile Bar company can literally party anywhere. The campaign can only be possible by taking the image into extreme by placing it in a background in the middle of nowhere to highlight the main advertorial message.

To the Bottoms Up Company, we cant thank you enough for trusting us with your first ever Billboard. Cheers and to more billboards in the future!

Bottoms Up Released blog 2

Here is the Behind The Scenes Video of this incredible Billboard experience!

Bottoms Up wanted mention the following on this blog for helping them out.
This shoot was made possible with:
1. Bridexterity Studio – the only studio in the city with great USA made light modifiers.
2. Wyndell Samuya for the HD make-up – He comes highly recommended by the Team Eight Productions.
3. Khens Ladaga for the outfits that fitted the models perfectly
And Corporate Photography by Eight Productions

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