Bianca @ 18 {pre-debut photos}

Bianca @ 18 {pre-debut photos}

Bianca knew about Eight Productions 3 years ago when she recommended us to her cousin for her debut. She was well acquainted with our style and taste. but also knew how flexible and diverse our team could be in achieving different looks. When Bianca gave us her pegs (sample shots) for the shoot to fully express her personality, we understood the color themes and posing styles she wanted and got right to it! It was a fun and fresh shoot where her glowing personality was in full display. We would like to thank Swan Lake for the beautiful production sets,  they achieved the look that Bianca was going for.
Enjoy the photos!
Shooting Details:
Makeup Artist – Carmen Smith
Set Stylist – Swan Lake Events
Photography by Eight Productions

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    • Princess Jane Marie Matondo
    • October 22, 2012
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    Hi Eight Productions! How much does your service costs?

      • eightproductions
      • October 22, 2012
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      Hi maam please shoot us an email at =)
      Please state for what event? date? location? thanks

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