Alexa Turns 18 {Fashion Shoot}

Alexa Turns 18 {Fashion Shoot}

The island of Samal has always been a convenient choice for a photoshoot for Davaoeños not only because of its close proximity, but its beaches can rival those other island locations that you usually see.

Shooting the pre-debut shoot of Alexa was distinctive compared to the usual engagement sessions that we do here. The team can describe the experience as fresh and even our creativity has transcended our usual style. When you have a debutante as beautiful, lovely and wonderful as Alexa, certainly the shoot will never go wrong. Alexa’s infectious energy is limitless and even the sets that we had are more than the usual because of the things that we can do with the location and Alexa’s adaptability to the things that we want to achieve artistically.

Play the Photograph AVP of Alexa’s Fashion Shoot and you will undoubtedly see how this girl lights up to world of everyone around her.

Stay tuned for her glamorous Predebut Video very soon here on our blog…

Watch in Full HD only!


Predebut Makeup: Noeh Jani
Predebut Hair Stylist: James Diaz
Location: Secdea Beach Resort
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions

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