Alexa Turns 18 {Debut Onsite Photos}

Alexa Turns 18 {Debut Onsite Photos}

Witness how Alexa turned from a sweet gorgeous girl into a stunning and exquisite woman. All the way from London, she preferred to celebrate the first step of her womanhood here in the Philippines with her friends and relatives from Davao, United Kingdom, and United States.

She was so natural on her photos and she maintained to be very sophisticated in front of the camera. We thank Alexa and her family for giving us an opportunity to work with great people.

Ladies and gentlemen, the baby who transformed from baby to a lady, Alexa on her Debut Onsite Photos…

Watch in Full HD only!


Davao Debut Suppliers:
Location Prep: The Pinnacle Hotel
Location Debut: The Apo View Hotel
Make up: Noeh Jani
Hair: James Diaz
Gown: Emi Englis and Bride Talk
Coordinator: Dazzle
Decoration: Jong Paguia
Cake: Osvaldo’s
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions

Alexa wants to thank: Tita Manette Palamos and Mommy Madeleine Guechetouli for making it all happen.

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