Adrian + Ling {Opening Billboard}

Adrian + Ling {Opening Billboard}

Our Surigao wedding was marvelous! We had lots of time to play with during the broken time (the time between the Ceremony and Reception). Check out this Opening Billboard (OBB) to see a preview the wedding, then make sure to stay tuned daily for their Engagement Photo AVP and Onsite Video.


View only in HD!

Surigao Wedding Suppliers:
Make-up: Carine Bacani (From Davao)
Preparation: Almont Resort, Lipata Surigao
Church: San Nicolas de Tolention Cathedral Parish, Surigao
Reception: Gateway Hotel, Surigao
Decorations: To Follow
Host: Don Gonzales (From Davao)
Surigao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Surigao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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