2012 Calendar Shoot

2012 Calendar Shoot

It’s been a long wait! Since 2012 is drawing to a close, we can finally show you our full 2012 Calendar! Why are we only posting it now since it’s nearly 2013, you ask? Well, this was made for one of our clients and due to permission issues, we weren’t able to show it until today. If you’re also wondering why this is of an advertisement shoot and not one of our usual wedding photography posts this is because we started out as fashion and advertisement photographers then eventually evolved and ventured into the wedding industry. Plus, we wanted to show you the creative ideas we came up with!=)

So after 6 pre-production meetings, 4 days of shooting, and a lot more days of editing to come up with the final product, all we can say is that it was worth every second. Eight Productions would like to thank Blinque Computers & Co. for trusting us to come up with this out-of-the-box product. Check out our behind the scenes video and final product.

Shout out to:

1. Blinque’s main man MojoTojo and Layan The Lion
2. To the great models… Anne Iza, Anri, Jona, Patrice, Marfe, Jen, Tweety, Yani, Iya, Micai, Rose
3. To our editors Silentman, Team MQR, and Lead Productions
4. and to all the people behind this great project!


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